How far do we go?
At SFE, we travel the southeastern United States to bring "science to life." And we understand how important it is that educators and parents are confident in their assessment of our work.

Rest assured, our track record is exemplary… each experiment has been tested and re-tested… we've served thousands upon thousands of students... and we will continue to do our part to help bridge the gap.


Austin Elementary - “To say my kids were captivated by SFE is an understatement. SFE is what science is all about!”
- Breanne Johnson, 4th grade teacher

Brumby Primary - “SFE was the most amazing experience…
I recommend SFE to every school.”
- Reisha McKinney, Principal

Brumby Primary - "We have had many visitors to my school over the years, but I have NEVER seen the children's interest held so completely for so long... SFE definitely meets our State's standards and gives students a clear understanding as to how science impacts their lives. Great show!"
- Megan McNaughton, 3rd grade teacher

Brumby Intermediate - “Our students were mesmerized by the animation, presentation and explanation of the science experiments. Great show!!!”
- Genie Byrd, Principal

Bryant Intermediate - “The Science Machine is a phenomenal educator… my students were captivated like deer in headlights… what a delightful sight to see!”
- Freda Williams, Principal

Casey Elementary - “The only complaint that any of us had was the show had to come to an end… what a wonderful learning experience.”
- Dr. Roma Morris, Principal

Centennial Place - “An unforgettable experience… an exciting approach to science learning… SFE helps students to become problem-solvers and critical thinkers.”
- Dr. Cynthia Kuhlman, Principal

Centennial Place - "Having worked with several groups, I must say that the professionalism and follow-through that SFE exhibits should be modeled... I applaud the wonderful work SFE is doing in its unique approach to science learning."
- Claristine Pinckney, PTA President

Centennial Place - "The integration of entertainment and education was phenomenal. SFE encourages students to use higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. I recommend SFE to any school!"
- Carol Hollis, 3rd grade teacher

Chapel Hill Elementary - "The best field trip to ever visit the school. The kids still talk about the show and, of course, The Science Machine."
- Cynthia Swanson, Principal

Chapel Hill Elementary - "The Science Machine not only intrigued us with his wonderful science experiments, but he also was able to link his activities to our curriculum. SFE is an experience your students won't soon forget!"
- Kenyetta Wesley, 2nd grade teacher

Charter Academy of Lithonia - "SFE is the perfect blend of scientific theory and the appearance of the impossible. Great show!"
- Queen Grady, Director

Christian Fellowship Baptist Church - "Our children were just amazed and walked away with a renewed love of learning… informative and inspirational!"
- Keith Reynolds, Minister

Clarkdale Elementary - "Our students and teachers benefited immensely from the program. Excellent presentation of the scientific principles discussed."
- Marjorie Bickerstaff, Principal

Dekalb County Superintendent - "The program is very hands-on and encourages students to think critically as they apply math and science concepts... SFE offers an appreciation for math and science learning as teachers continue to focus on improved student achievement."
- Dr. Crawford Lewis, Superintendent

Eagles Landing Christian Academy - "The flow of the program and the uniqueness of the experiments kept our students fixated for almost an hour. I recommend SFE without hesitation."
- Chuck Gilliam, Middle School Principal

Fernbank Elementary - "This is the type of programming that all children should be exposed to…"
- Jason Marshall, Principal

Flat Shoals Elementary - "To anyone in a position to bring SFE to their school… Just Do It!"
- Keith Reynolds, Principal

Georgian Hills Elementary - "I attended an SFE program at another school school to get a glimpse of what I'd heard...I knew immediately that I had to bring SFE to my school and my staff and students continue to benefit from that decision... great company!"
- Dr. Catherine Diezi, Principal

Green Forest Christian Academy - "I have never seen children so focused and excited about learning. An incredible job… an incredible company!"
- Lozie Gude, Principal

Hambrick Elementary - "SFE had quite an impact on our students... excellent job and extremely professional!"
- Eileen Bogan, Principal

Hanley Elementary - "As I sat and watched Professor Cool perform his experiments, I was moved to see the students and teachers change in mere minutes; from being somewhat reluctant about science to not being able to get enough of what he was offering. The entire program is absolutely amazing!"
- Nikita Reed, Assistant Principal

Harmony Leland Elementary - "SFE was extraordinary! Our students loved the performance and our teachers were equally impressed!"
- Hermia Simmons-Deveaux, Principal

Johnson's Learning Center - "My students still talk about The Science Machine... that's why SFE presented at our school four times last year. Great company!"
- Patricia Johnson, Director

Kelley Lake Elementary - "The show is incredible… the mentoring is wonderful… all of the great things you've read and heard are absolutely TRUE!"
- Dr. Howard Harvey, Principal

Larose Elementary - "SFE is dedicated to closing the achievement gap by promoting science in a fun and exciting manner... the show and Professor Cool are EXTRAordinary... it was AWESOME!"
- Tonya Cooper - Principal

Leslie J. Steele Elementary - "May SFE continue to receive strong support… our children need to know they can be scientists or whatever they desire… Thanks for going the extra mile!"
- Yolanda E. Briggett, Ed.D, NBCT

Meadowview Elementary - "Incredible performance… fantastic mentoring… an all-around excellent opportunity for our youth. DON'T MISS IT!"
- Zandra Sherwood, Principal

Mountain View Elementary - "The best school assembly in the world!"
- Angela-Bailey-Huff, Principal

Parkside Elementary - "The students were on the edge of their seats craving more, more, more. It was a sheer delight to see..."
- Danielle Battle, Principal

Parkside Elementary - Children who do not experience SFE are missing out on a tremendous learning opportunity... there is simply NO better way to get kids excited about math and science. Period!"
- Lisa Walker, Kindergarten teacher

Pine Ridge Elementary - "If you're looking for the BEST way to get your students genuinely excited about math and science, then look no further. SFE is it!"
- Debra Harris, Principal

Project Destiny School - "Having observed the manner in which SFE brought 'science to life' for my students, it is my hope that every educator will give their students a similar opportunity!"
- Rodney Mayfield, Executive Director

Russell Elementary - "The children were in awe from the time the curtain parted to the end of the show... A great company and a fantastic program."
- Nancy DiPeTrillo, Principal

Sanders Intermediate & Primary - "We were honored to have SFE present at our school... the cost of the program is so reasonable... our students are excited about science... and we are eager to have SFE return!"
- Pamela Dingle, Principal
- Kristi Kee, Principal

Sandtown Middle - "Be ready for dropped jaws and wide eyes when you invite SFE into your school... I highly recommend SFE to your school in order to harness your students' excitement for science."
- Susan O'Cannon, 6th grade teacher

Toomer Elementary - "The program enhances and enriches what students are learning in the classroom... We will surely invite SFE back next year to delight and entertain our students once again!"
Tonya Saunders, Principal

West Side Elementary - "SFE makes math and science an ADVENTURE; not a subject!"
- Darlene Darby, Principal

Wynbrooke Theme School - "SFE serves as a springboard for young inquisitive minds to develop a lifelong love of science."
- Angelea Turner, Co-PTA President

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