How do you spark a child’s mind and imagination?
Here’s the secret formula:

  1. Assemble a group of children at a school, church, party or any venue.

  2. Provide ample seating for educators, interested parents and special invited guests.

  3. Combine all ingredients with an exhilarating, "hands-on, minds-on", mind-boggling, 45-minute interactive science presentation by Science for Everyone, Inc.

  4. Sit back… and watch what happens!

“On behalf of Science for Everyone, Inc., thanks to the many administrators, principals, teachers, educators, and parents alike, without whose myriad support, SFE simply could not survive. You truly are the lifeblood of a company rooted forever in service to children. We will always appreciate your many Letters of Recommendation, thoughtful expressions of encouragement and invaluable word-of-mouth support as SFE continues to provide tomorrow’s leaders with Illumination for the Imagination!”

Michael Green, Founder

What is Science for Everyone?
Science for Everyone, Inc. is a unique and interactive science and technology company that is committed to increasing math and science interest at the elementary school level. This mission is accomplished in 2 ways:

  1. First, through a series of dynamic, fast-paced, interactive science experiments that “defy” the Laws of Physics and bring “science to life” for students; and,

  2. Second, through a unique mentoring component designed to inspire students toward all areas of academic excellence.
Taken collectively, SFE works to ensure our youth remain “excitedly-focused” as they maneuver through the fun, yet ever-challenging, math and science pipeline.


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